• We are an independent and fundamental Baptist church with a Christ-centered, Bible teaching ministry.
  • We hold to the fundamental doctrines of the Bible that have characterized God’s people down through the ages.
  • We believe in the inspiration, inerrancy and preservation of God’s Word, the Bible.
  • We believe in the blood atonement of Christ as the only sacrifice for man’s sin.
  • We believe in the total depravity and inability of man to save himself.
  • We believe that salvation is by grace alone, plus or minus nothing from human works, goodness and religion.
  • We believe in the glorious resurrection of Christ from the grave, declaring Him to be the Son of God with power over death and the grave.
  • We believe in ecclesiastical separation from apostasy and compromise doctrinally, in obedience to II Corinthians 6:14-18.
  • We believe in the personal, holy, separated living of believers in Christ according to I Corinthians 6:10, 20.
  • We use the King James Bible, AV (authorized version).

Baptist Distinctives